World Oral Health Day

The Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry took the students of 2nd year BDS on an outreach program on account of World Oral Health Day on March 20th, 2018 in vocational training and health centre managed by the Fatima Memorial System at Nainsukh Sheikupura, Lahore.

The objective of program was to give an opportunity to the students to examine and diagnose Dental diseases in real life community population, rather than a hospital to avoid restricted environment. The concept was taken from the LIVE, LEARN and LAUGH model of the WHO Oral Health Division i.e. to learn with enjoyment.

The faculty of the Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry who were part of outreach program was carried out by Dr. Faisal Izhar (HOD), Dr. Arslan Anwar, Dr. Kalsoom Tariq and Shahzad Babar. There were 80 2nd year BDS Students and 2 House Officers Dr. Shumail and Dr. Sheherbano who enthusiastically did oral examination.

The learning outcome of this program was that each student will examine, record and diagnose at least 03 patient findings on the WHO Oral Diagnosis form. They will get an equal opportunity to examine Deciduous, Mixed and Adult dentition patients and learn the differences in all three dentitions disease and morphology. The students also educated the children and adults about Oral Health and Hygiene. They got to know about the knowledge, attitudes and habits about oral health of the examined people. In this way, the students built their confidence in examining and diagnosing patients. This will have long term effects on our students and create interest in clinical work.

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