Human Resource

NUR Foundation takes mandatory steps to nurture its human resource and enhance the quality of work and productively of resource. In addition to complying with HR SOPs, NUR Foundation undertakes the following steps for upskilling and capacity-building of its teachers.

Courses/modules are designed to cater to needs of teachers. Some of these modules include:

  • Using English effectively
  • Creating a happy classroom
  • How will your student learn
  • How will you set an example

Teachers are also nominated and sent to workshops conducted externally for their capacity enhancement.

Training need assessments are conducted to highlight training needs of the teachers and gaps in their trainings. Subsequently they are given on-job trainings and refreshers.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Transparency

In order to maintain transparency, NUR Foundation has a detailed monitoring and evaluation system in place that monitors the following indicators through the given list of reports.

Category Variable Monitored Part of Report Responsibility Frequency
To capture Scale of Impact Number of students enrolled, segregated by gender Progress Report Project Officer Quarterly


Number of teachers in service, segregated by gender Attendance Register Deputy Director Weekly
To measure Depth of Impact Results ratio of Class 5,8 and 10 Progress Report PA Deans office Quarterly
Semester assessment of schools One-One observation M&E Officer Annually
Teacher Performance through teacher evaluation One-One observation Director NCOP Annually
To ensure compliance with plans Academic Planner (Sample attached in Annex 22) Academic Planner M&E Officer Quarterly
Incidents  (Sample attached in Annex 25) Incident Report Project Officer As and When
Visit Schedule (Sample attached in Annex 23) Visit report Project Officer Weekly and Fortnightly
List of Reports Generated with frequency
Report Type Quarterly
Visit reports Monthly
Audit Report Annually
Travelling report As and When
Expense Report Daily
Annual Staff Evaluation report Quarterly
Monthly and Annual text books and Stationary Items distribution report Annually
Food Distribution Report As and When
Staff Evaluation Report Annually

External Accolades

Engro Foundation-I am the Change NUR Foundation has been nominated for its work in community uplift, education and health in Engro Foundation-I am the Change Initiative in 2014-15 and 2015-16.
Pharma Bureau In January 2013, NUR Foundation was presented with an award for appreciation of its services in community and promotion of better standards of healthcare and education by Pharma Bureau, presented by then Federal Minister, Firdaus Ashiq Awan.
PEEF Scholarships Students were awarded PEEF scholarships on the basis of Merit.
Global Giving Global Giving recognized the work done by the Foundation and endorsed with badge for vetted organization
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