Launched in 1985, NUR Community Outreach Program’s health component encompasses of a holistic community health provision model that comprises of the following elements:

Nainsukh primary healthcare center and traditional medicine center established in 2007 in collaboration with City District Government Lahore (CDGL) provides healthcare services to the community at their doorstep and caters to the population of Nainsukh with innovative components such as rotation of training faculty with family medicine. To-date 446,400 patients have benefitted from the healthcare center.

NUR Food Bank is a unique charitable project for food collection and distribution in deserving communities, providing free diet plan along with free supplements, food items and nutrition awareness services to help the less privileged maintain better health. It provides monthly food rations to poor families given the state of poverty and malnutrition faced by our society. So far, hundreds are benefiting regularly on a monthly basis from this initiative. Last year, lunch meals distribution on weekly basis commenced at the NUR Foundation Schools through the food bank. The objective of the NUR Food Bank is “To provide monthly rations of food to poor families and to create awareness about nutrition & balanced diet to prevent different maladies to the best of our abilities”.

Food bank distributes rations to families of deserving students, arranges for nutrition health and hygiene camps and provides nutrition, health and hygiene education to students of schools through the students of FMH School of Allied Health Sciences and NUR International University who have mandatory placements and community credit hours for the same purpose.

Fatima Memorial Hospital has domiciliary mobile health units that are providing healthcare services to marginalized populations in hard-to-reach areas. The health service is managed under the NUR Community Outreach Program component of NUR Foundation. To-date over 1,123,000 patients have been treated since its inception. These mobile health units cover peri-urban areas of Lahore.

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