NUR Foundation strongly believes in and advocates in the ideology of nurturing human lives and building futures. NUR Foundation does this through provision of quality education, health care in community, provision of employable skills and furnishing of microfinance opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and dependability.

Vocational Training Institute was established in 2007 in partnership with Punjab Vocational Training Council in Nainsukh, Lahore. To-date, 2041 students have earned their diplomas in plumbing, computer operations, stitching, embroidery, beautician courses, AC and refrigeration technicians, clinical assistants and industrial electricians.

In 2009, NCOP launched a microfinance scheme on Qarz-e-Hasna basis in partnership with AkhuwatFoundation which has so far helped thousands of families in Muzzafargarh and Nainsukh in Punjab and Peshawar &Nathiagali in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A total of 3854 loans have been issued to-date worth PKR 60,732,000. Of the 3,854 loans issued, 2278 were issued to women exclusively.

While the Vocational Training Institute (VTI) aims at training local young people on vocational skills, the Social Enterprise Incubator (SEI) trains them in business management skills in order to enable them to start and manage income generating activities and link them with industry players, angel investors and business coaches, strengthening the industry-academia nexus. So far a cohort of 72 VTI graduates was trained for the first time in 2015 and seed funds were provided by the Government of Punjab on the basis of the training and recommendations from NUR Foundation.

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