In 1985, the NUR Community Outreach Program (NCOP) was launched which began as mobile health units to reach the communities in the underdeveloped areas surrounding Lahore. Today, we are proud to serve over 972,000 patients in the outskirts of Lahore since its inception.

The primary healthcare center at Nainsukh – Lahore managed by NUR Foundation established in 2007 in collaboration with City District Government, Lahore (CDGL) providing healthcare services to the community at their doorstep. Since its establishment, the health-care center has treated over 80,000 patients.

Another addition to the NUR Community Outreach Program are lunch meals through the NUR Food Bank, which is distributed on a weekly basis to every child at the NUR Foundation Schools.

In 2007, Vocational Training Institute in partnership with Punjab Vocational Training Coucil (PVTC) as part of the NUR Community Outreach Program was inaugurated in Nainsukh – Lahore. Till date, more than 1,600 students have earned their diplomas in Plumbing, Computer Operations, Stitching & Embroidery, Beautician Courses, AC & Refrigeration technicians, Clinical Assistances & Industrial Electricians.

In 2009, NCOP launched a micro finance scheme on Qarz-e-Hasna basis in partnership with AkhuwatFoundation which has so far helped thousands of families in KotAddu, Sanawal in Muzafargarh, Peshawar &Nathiagali in KPK and Nainsukh in Lahore.

The NUR Food bank under the aegis of NCOP provides monthly food rations to the poor families given the state of poverty and malnutrition faced by our society. So far, hundreds are being benefitting regularly on a monthly basis from this program.

The NUR Food Bank program was also taken to Badin during the floods of 2012, and food rations distributed. A solar water filtration plant was also set up in Badin at the same time.

NUR Community Outreach Program today comprises of following elements:

  • Health- Through Outreach Primary Health Program that has components of NUR Foundation as well as Fatima Memorial Hospital and NUR International University
  • Education- Through technical partnership with AnjumanBehbood-e-Niswan-wa-Itfal for management of their schools
  • Employability- Through partnership with Department of Zakat and Ushr and Punjab Vocational and Training Council for provision of vocation skills and through partnership with Akhuwat for provision of micro-finance; and nurturing promising individuals in Social Enterprise Incubator
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