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In 1985, the NUR Community Outreach Program (NCOP) was launched which began as mobile health units to reach the communities in the underdeveloped areas surrounding Lahore.


To act as a catalyst of change to bring about socio- economic development of under-served communities, through an integrated approach to healthcare, education and economic empowerment.


To work towards poverty alleviation by creating access to better education, health and economic development opportunities.

Our Projects

600x300 -1 Social
300x300 Study
300x300 Vocational Trainings
300x300 Food Distribution (2)
300x300 Primary Healthcare Centers (1)
600x300 -2 Staff (1)

Senior Management

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi

Director, NUR Foundation

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi

Mrs. Shahima Rehman

Chairperson, Board of Management Fatima Memorial Hospital Chairperson NUR Foundation

Mrs. Shahima Rehman

Mrs. Shazia Iqbal

Director, Nur Student Leadership Program & Advisor to Chairperson, FMS

    Mrs. Shazia Iqbal


    Lakhudair is a village of Lahore Cantt near Darogwala on Grand Trunk Road Lahore. Approximate population of Lakhudair and surroundings are above 50,000. 

    Gajjumatta is located near Kanah Noh on Ferozpur road. The approximate population of Gajjumatta is above 30,000. The main occupation of the area is private service or work at factories. 

    MalikpurGharki is a village near BRB Canal Jallo More Bata Pur Lahore. It is situated on the left bank of Canal BRB. The approximate population of Malikpur and surrounding areas is 20,000. The main occupation of the area is farming and cattles keeping.

    Nain Sukh is located near Ravi Saggian on Sheikhupura Road. The approximate population of Nain Sukh and surrounding areas is about 65,000. The main occupation of the area is farming, labor and private service.



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    Human Resource

    NUR Foundation takes mandatory steps to nurture its human resource and enhance the quality of work and productively of resource.


    Launched in 1985, NUR Community Outreach Program’s health component encompasses of a holistic community health provision model.


    NUR Foundation strongly believes in and advocates in the ideology of nurturing human lives and building futures.

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    We Care for the Children, Protect their Welfare, and Prepare them for the Future.

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    Office No. 20, 4th Floor, College Building,
    Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore.


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