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Flood Relief Operation

Khyber Pukhtoonkhuwa And South Punjab

Help us dry their tears

The worst floods in memory in Pakistan have devastated the lives of more than three million people so far. Flooding has ravaged hundreds of villages in Pakistan, destroying homes, soaking crops, wiping out livestock, and threatening more lives. According to weather reports, bloated rivers are expected to surge further south soon, flooding more areas. According to the National Weather Forecasting Center in Islamabad, the country has received 25-30 percent more rain this season than the annual monsoon averages. The catastrophe has already killed more than 1,600 people, and is likely to deepen as more rains are expected and conditions remain threatening for the outbreak of disease.

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Humanitarian Crisis in Khyber Pukhtoonkhuwa

Over 1 Million People displaced in Khyber Pukhtoonkhuwa

Help us dry their tears

Pakistan faced one of its worst humanitarian emergencies as millions of people were displaced from their homes due to the ongoing military operation in parts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhuwa . Thousands of our citizens were in distress, and did not have a roof over their heads, did not have food, access to clean drinking water or access to any healthcare facilities. NUR Foundation and its collaborating partners Fatima Memorial Hospital and Jahanara Memorial Trust set up a relief camp in Mardan to provide immediate medical and general relief to IDPs in the area.

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Balochistan Relief

In June 2007, NUR Foundation took the lead in channeling relief for flood affectees in Baluchistan, whose lives were torn apart by Cyclone Yemin and the resulting floods, which destroyed homes, and left thousands marooned without any access to food and water supplies. Underserved communities in remote locations are continuously in need of help. To extend aid to these communities, NUR Foundation launched Operation “Shashaan" for flood relief. The operation drew its name from “Shashaan” a famous mountain in Khuzdar which has been a reference point in history of Baloch tribesmen since time immemorial.

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Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation

NUR Foundation commenced operations in October 2005, in response to the devastating earthquake that destroyed millions of lives across Pakistan. NUR Foundation was one of the first organizations to reach Mansehra District of NWFP following the October 8th Earthquake tragedy. In collaboration with its collaborating partner, the Fatima Memorial System (Lahore),  NUR Foundation provided medical aid, food and shelter to the affectees. From food to clothes, from medicines to surgical instruments, from tents to homes, from breaking concrete to rescuing survivors,  NUR Foundation did all that was possible. After the immediate relief and rehabilitation effort, NUR Foundation assisted Fatima Memorial System in setting up a permanent Hospital in Jared  the largest village in the Kaghan Valley which lost one fourth of its residents and almost all its houses, in the earthquake. The infrastructure includes a Hospital building and a residence for the two Medical Officers who run the facility round the clock.  Back-up medical staff is available from the tertiary care teaching Fatima Memorial Hospital (FMH).

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